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Spring Into Data: Family Data Leadership Webinar Series

March 12, 2024 @ 10:00 am – April 2, 2024 @ 11:30 am
Spring Into Data: Family Data Leadership Webinar Series

This 4-part training series teaches parents how to use data to drive change on a regional and state level to promote healthy educational outcomes for their infant or toddler with a disability. MOPD clock hours available.

Session 1: March 5th An Introduction to Family Data Leadership (FDL): Participants will learn what it means to be a Family Data Leader, IDEA and early childhood, and the link between data and accountability.

Session 2: March 12th Participants will become familiar with terminology used in data discussions and learn the key skills of becoming a Family Data Leader.

Session 3: March 19th Participants will learn the three-step process to using , examining, interpreting, and identifying data to effectively participate in discussions that lead to meaningful changes in early childhood programs (Look, Think, Act).

Session 4: March 26th Participants will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous sessions to real-world data scenarios and practice leading data conversations.

Each session builds on the previous. Participants must attend all 4 sessions to receive a certificate.