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Beat the Heat Positive Behavior Intervention Webinar Series

August 5th-Understanding Section 504 Learn about the legal background of Section 504, the evaluation process, 504 plans and services and the procedural safeguards in place to protect individuals with disabilities.

August 6th-Tools that Challenge the School to Prison Pipeline Learn how zero-tolerance discipline practices prime youth for justice-involvement and evidence-based approaches that guide positive interactions with youth.

August 7th-Special Education Mediation Understand when and how to request mediation, what to expect from mediation, and most importantly how to plan and prepare for an upcoming mediation.

August 8th-Understanding ADHD What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? How do you qualify? Who can diagnose it, does a child with ADHD automatically qualify for an IEP? This training will answer these questions and many more

August 9th-Positive Behavior Intervention Learn the importance of a Functional Behavioral Assessment, how to reinforce positive behavior as well as how to develop a Positive Behavior Support Plan.