Steps to Success Pack N’ Play Webinar Series

Learning to advocate for your little one can be fun, and just like a Pack ‘N Play, you can take what you learn wherever you go!

About this event

The Steps to Success Pack ‘N Play Webinar Series includes a series of fun, interactive webinars focused o First Steps/Early Childhood families. Daily at 10am a Steps to Success webinar will be presented.

Monday (9/12)-Understanding the IFSP Process: This webinar will discuss the evaluation process and development of the individualized Family Service Plan and being an effective team member.

Tuesday (9/13)-Parental Rights: This webinar will help ensure First Steps Families understand their rights under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Wednesday (9/14)-Effectively Communicating Your Child’s Needs: This webinar will discuss ways families of young children who are new to the process can effectively communicate with caregivers and providers to effectively become their child’s voice.

Thursday (9/15)-Family Record Keeping: This webinar is designed to help families understand the importance of keeping and organizing their child’s records. We will discuss what types of records and documentation are important to keep and why.

Friday (9/16)-IDEA Part C to B: This webinar will discuss the differences in the eligibility process and transition of a child served through an IFSP (Part C of IDEA) to an IEP (Part B of IDEA).