MPACT strives for excellence in the training, support and services that we provide to parents, self-advocates, and professionals. Evaluation is an important tool so that areas of success, as well as areas needing improvement can be identified and addressed. Please take a moment to complete the survey that corresponds with the support that our team or a volunteer provided to you.

Educator IEP Survey

This survey is to be completed by school district personnel directly involved in IEP meetings in which an MPACT Parent Mentor participated in the Special Education process this year. Please fill out a new survey for each IEP meeting.

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Mentor IEP Survey

To be completed by Certified MPACT Parent Mentors. Please fill out a new survey for each IEP meeting you attend.

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Parent IEP Survey

To be completed by parents who had an MPACT Parent Mentor participate in the Special Education process this year. Please fill out a new survey for each IEP meeting that a Mentor attended with you.

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School-Age Children Parent/ Family Participation Survey

MPACT is striving to gather information that will accurately describe parents’ experiences in the IEP Process as well as being supported and involved by their children’s’ schools. MPACT will use this information when reporting to the Division of Special Education as well as to OSEP on the needs of families of children receiving special education in the state of Missouri. Any and all information that might identify participants is confidential and will not be disclosed.

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Satisfaction of Service Survey

This survey is intended for parents who have received phone or in person assistance from MPACT.

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Workshop Evaluation Survey

This survey is intended for parents who have attended an MPACT workshop.

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